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Universal App – One Price, Two Code bases – Merging nightmare

I'm working on the iPhone release of Landing Soon and I've been struggling with how to release two apps from a single (currently) universal project.  I started the app with the intention of selling a single binary with both apps packaged inside it; however I came across a few issues with this approach.

The problem comes about when you upload a single package to iTunes Connect with both binaries;

  1. I can't set separate prices for each binary (iPhone/iPad)
  2. It's not clear that when a sale is made of the universal that it's because they wanted it on the phone or for the iPad
  3. There's no way to release different versions separately, if you update the iPad code it automatically updates the codebase for the iPhone.

The first reason I would wont two products is simple - the iPad is my primary market and hence I'll be devoting significantly more resources on this platform (mostly because of screen size affords me the ability to create a much more simplified UI) and therefore I feel I can warrant a slightly higher price tag.

There are simply some things a larger screen size lets you do that the iPhones' screen cannot - the Landing Soon dashboards are a perfect example.

On the second point regarding "who's downloading what" - if I knew that people are buying the iPhone app over the iPad version then I'd have to rethink my allocation of effort.

Until this afternoon when someone suggested I use two build targets and restructure my build process I wouldn't have even thought it possible to get two separate products from the same code base - so that's what I'll be doing over the next week...

The iPhone version will most likely be a whole dollar cheaper than the iPad version but will contain most (80%) of the feature set.


Landing Soon has Landed!

This morning our app Landing Soon for iPad went live and is ready for sale.

Stay tuned for many exciting new features in the coming months - including an iPhone version.

As usual we LOVE feedback.


Landing Soon hopefully Landing Soon

My latest app is an iPad application that captures project status information for activities, software releases or projects that that you are working on.

I had originally planned a much larger feature set for the first release but after reading two Agile/Scrum articles I decided to stick with the philosophy 'release early, release often'.

As much as I like WordPress (and I do) I ditched my previous installation and hand coded the Landing Soon website -